Although bright, shiny, and new inside and out, the heart and soul of Katie's as an old-school, family operated neighborhood restaurant, still echoes the vision of Mr. Leo Leininger.

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  • Ashley Payne
    The server knows best. The food is incredible. Our sever told us we could probably share the fried platter because it was enormous and we thought maybe they were exaggerating. They were not. The platter was gigantic and even with completely empty tummies we did not stand a chance against it. But the food is so delicious that it was nice to have something to take home. It’s rare to have restaurant potato salad that tastes as good as this one. I cannot wait to eat here again but next time we will share!
  • Candace
    Welcoming neighborhood bistro setting. Pub dining, outdoor table options, and upstairs dining as well. Our server was friendly and made great recommendations. Thanks Slade. The fried green tomatoes are THE BEST I'VE HAD IN NOLA and I've had some fried green tomatoes here. The muffaletta is as fresh and flavorful as should be. Loved it!! The specials looked great. We brought home a seafood lasagna and it gets rave reviews.
  • Adrian Sellers
    Absolutely ?% amazing! We sat at the bar because it was a packed house and we enjoyed watching the bar tender make drinks. He was friendly and seemed to enjoy his job. The food was hot, yummy, delicious, plated well and just perfect to my tongue ? 10/10 I do recommend ??