Sunday Menu


Provel Garlic Bread with marinara 9
melted cheddar & mozzarella add debris gravy +1

Swamp Fries 10
melted cheddar & mozzarella add debris gravy +1

Garlic Feta Fries 9
tossed in garlic herb butter, tri-color peppers

Bacon Bleu Fries 11
tossed in garlic herb butter, bacon, bleu crumbles & green onion

Eggplant Fries 9
parmesan Romano & marinara

Michael’s Famous Onion Rings 10
triple battered with remoulade

Quesadilla 10
cheddar, mozzarella, bell pepper & onion
add veggies +2 chicken +3 shrimp +4

Grant’s Derby Skins 12
bacon, cheddar, green onion with sour cream
on the side – 5 to an order

Crab Cakes 17.00
jumbo lump crab, panko crusted & remoulade

Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms 13
crab, shrimp, mozzarella, white wine & herb butter

Chargrilled Oysters
1⁄2 Dozen | Dozen market price

Oysters Slessinger
1⁄2 Dozen | Dozen market price
chargrilled with creamy provel, shrimp, spinach & bacon

Pagani Flatbread 20
lump crabmeat, crab cake, spinach & caramelized onion

Remmy Stack 13
fried green tomatoes, grilled shrimp & remoulade

Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins Dives

Crawfish Beignet 16
crawfish, cheddar, mozzarella, jalapeños, caramelized onion jalapeño aioli


Caesar Salad
Half 5 | Whole 10

Spinach Salad 13
spinach leaves, candied walnuts, red onion, bacon & bleu cheese crumbles with choice of dressing

Add (grilled or fried)
chicken +6 crawfish or catfish +7 shrimp or oysters +market price

House-made Dressings
Rosemary Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch, Bleu Cheese & Honey Mustard


Chicken Andouille Gumbo
Cup 6 | Bowl 9

Corn & Crab Bisque
Cup 6 Bowl 10


Grits 3

Cheese grits 4

Bacon 4

Toast 2

Fruit cup 6

Katie’s Brunch and Lunch
Sunday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Eggs and Things

Scotty’s Scramble 14
2 eggs prepared your way with cheese grits, white or wheat toast applewood smoked bacon

Steak and Eggs 24
10oz Choice beef ribeye topped with chimichurri sauce served with french fries. 2 eggs prepared your way

Chicken or the Egg 16
A katie’s favorite, 2 fried eggs and fried chicken breast strips, cheese grits topped with rich brown gravy

Old Favorties

Breakfast Pizza 15
Garlic butter sauce, scrambled eggs, bacon, onion, potatoes and chopped green onion

Pressed Morning Poboy 17
Scrambled eggs and american cheese, ham, creole hot sausages and bacon, crispy Gendusa french bread

Brunch Quesadilla 14
Refreshing and scpicy leek soup topped with eatable flowers

Chicken and Waffles 14
2 Buttermilk waffles and fried chicken tenders dusted with powdered sugar served with maple syrup and butter

New Favorites

Yogurt and Fruit Parfait 11
Sweetened vanilla yogurt, honey granola and fresh berries

Candied Bacon 12
Thick cut applewood smoked bacon, crispy sweet spicy

Creole Crab Cakes 15
Served over seafood cream sauce topped with 2 fried eggs & chopped green onion

Fluffy 3 Egg Omelets

served with fresh fruit

Seafood 21
Shrimp, crawfish tails, Lump crab meat, mozzarella and green onion

Ham and Cheese 15
Blackforest ham, tomato, cheddar, mushroom and onion

Veggie 12
Baby spinach, mushroom, tomato, onion and mozzarella


1.5 Hour table Limit


Bloody Mary

White or Red Sangria


Mix and Match!



Prepared on Gendusa French Bread
(substitute brioche bun, white or wheat toast)

Shrimp Po-Boy 17
fried or grilled

Oyster Po-Boy market price
fried or grilled add shrimp +3

Catfish Po-Boy 16
fried or grilled

Cochon de Lait 14
dressed only with creole slaw

The “Legend” 17
stuffed french bread with BBQ shrimp & cochon de lait

Katherine’s Cajun Cuban 13
pressed with cochon de lait, ham, swiss, mustard & pickles


The Kalamata Muffaletta
Half 16 | Whole 22
salami, ham, mortadella, mozzarella, provel & olive salad on toasted Italian bread

The Veggie Muffaletta
Half 13 | Whole 17
eggplant, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, tomato, mozzarella & olive salad on toasted Italian brea

Chicken & Burgers

Fried or Grilled Chicken or Cooked to order Burger on a sweet Brioche Bun. ASK US TO DRESS IT! Served with French Fries.
Substitute for onion rings or sweet potato fries +$4

Katie’s Classic 15
add cheese +1 bacon +1

Bacon Bleu Style 17
bacon & bleu cheese crumbles

The Mile High 19
grilled ham, bacon & pepper jack

Mushroom Swiss Burger 17
mushrooms, grilled onion & swiss

Hickory Burger 17
hickory sauce, bacon & swiss


French Fries 5

Potato Salad 4

Cole Slaw 3

Sweet Potato Fries 6

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy 4

Vegetable du Jour 5


Daily Catch NOLA market price
grilled fresh fish served over veggies topped with
grilled shrimp and lump crab meat
add extra lump crabmeat + 5

Fried Seafood Platter market price
shrimp, oysters, catfish fillet & crawfish tails with fries
add soft shell crab + 7

Shrimp, Catfish Fillet or Oyster Platter
Catfish 23 / Shrimp or Oyster market price
served with fries & coleslaw

Catfish Meuniere 18
fried catfish over fries smothered in Worcestershire,
butter & lemon reduction

Veggie Extravaganza 16
sautéed artichoke, mushroom, spinach, bell pepper, onion, black olives, vegetable du jour & fried eggplant

Rosemary Chicken 18
with choice of two sides

Hamburger Steak 16
ground chuck, tri-colored peppers, grilled onion & debris gravy
with choice of one side

Classic Lasagna 18
beef, pork, mozzarella, ricotta & marinara

CNN’s favorite

Blackberry & Jalapeño Ribs
Half 22 | Whole 36
slow-cooked baby back ribs in spicy blackberry jalapeño BBQ sauce with a choice of two sides

Chicken Parmesan 19
panéed chicken breast over angel hair, melted mozzarella,
parmesan & marinara

Blackened Shrimp Bucktown Alfredo 20
grilled shrimp, spinach & roasted garlic over spicy alfredo linguine

Pasta Primavera du Jour 16
tomato, artichoke, mushroom, bell pepper, spinach, black olives, onion & veggie du jour over penne tossed in garlic olive oil

Delta Queen Pasta 29
fried shrimp, oyster & crawfish tossed in a
spicy garlic butter cream over angel hair
add fried soft shell crab +7 add fried or grilled catfish fillet +6


Fired over Brooklyn-style stone. 12 inch – 8 slices thin crust
with mozzarella & St. Louis Provel.
Gluten-free pizza crust available +2


Who Moved My Cheese? 15
marinara sauce, feta, mozzarella, provel & parmesan

Margarita Marinara 16
marinara sauce, tomatoes & fresh basil

The Terranova 20
marinara sauce, Italian Sausage, pepperoni, red onion,
black olives & bell pepper

The Bradbird 21
marinara sauce, Italian Sausage, pepperoni, ham & bacon

The Iberville 19
garlic butter sauce, grilled eggplant, spinach, red onion & feta

All-Time Classic Pepperoni 16

The Yardbird 22
grilled chicken, caramelized onion, tomato & feta; garlic butter sauce

The Hula Girl 23
marinara sauce, pineapple, ham, grilled chicken & red onion with a BBQ drizzle

Shrimp & Artichoke 22
garlic butter sauce, shrimp, artichoke, red onion,
tri-colored bell peppers & basil

The Atchafalaya 32
Tabasco marinara sauce, shrimp, oysters, crawfish, crab cakes,
bell pepper & red onion

Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

The Boudreaux 21
Garlic butter sauce, cochon de lait, roasted garlic, spinach, red onion & scallions


Coca-Cola 3
Diet Coke 3
Sprite 3
Minute Maid
Lemonade 3
Arnold Palmer 3
Shirley Temple 3
Iced Tea 2
Coffee 2
Decaf 2
Barq’s Root Beer (bottle) 4
Water (bottle) 3

Red Bull 5
Red Bull Energy Drink
Red Bull Sugarfree
Red Bull Yellow Edition (Tropical)
Red Bull Red Edition (Watermelon)


Orange Juice 3
Pineapple Juice 3
Cranberry Juice 3
Apple Juice 3

Create Your Own

Pasta Dish

Choose your pasta, sauce & toppings! Starting at 11.50


angel hair



Garlic butter cream


Buckdown alfredo (cajun spices)

Olive oil & roasted garlic

Marsala (mushroom & onion)


chicken +6
meatballs +6
catfish +7
crawfish +7
shrimp +market price
oyster +market price
eggplant +2
mushroom +1
bell pepper +1
tomato +1
onion +1
artichoke +1
spinach +2
parmesan +2
mozzarella +2
provel +2
feta +2


Fired over Brooklyn-style stone. 12 inch – 8 slices thin crust with mozzarella & St. Louis Provel.

Choose your sauce & toppings! Starting at $14
Gluten-free pizza crust available +2


garlic butter


pepperoni +2
bacon +2
cochon de lait +3
Italian Sausage +2
ham +4
chicken +5
shrimp +4
crawfish +6
oysters +market price
roasted garlic +1

spinach +2
tomato +1
eggplant +2
mushroom +1
black olives +1
bell pepper +1
pineapple +1
red onion +1
caramelized onion +1
bleu cheese +2
feta +2